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Professionals in person consultancy and training

CreateCATT offers consultations to schools, training institutes and welfare services and can design and deliver comprehensive training services. They can be one-off talks and workshops, or ongoing consultancies developing creative services, which can include staff training, designing school or clinic environments, writing curriculum and processes and protocols, and ongoing staff supervision and mentoring. A team of CreateCATT consultants can help you introduce innovative creative educational practice for children who learn differently as is being pioneered at Deepti Special School in India.

Courses for professionals are delivered in person. These are usually small group trainings to offer personalised focused training opportunities to suit your professional needs and contexts. Currently courses are delivered in Singapore, India, Philippines and UK. Please contact us if you are interested in engaging CreateCATT to support your school or organisation.  As part of the process we would visit you and do an assessment of what you need and then work with you to develop the creative programmes and support that suits your organisation.

Check our events page for the latest schedule of events or contact us for special requests of what training we have available in your country. Courses are delivered by an experienced creative trainer.


  • Developmental Play Course

This course in Developmental Play brings a new approach to the field. It has been designed by occupational, play and creative arts therapists with both educational, health and social service backgrounds brings ideas and expertise to the field of play therapy and play based learning and is specifically focused on the stages that children go through to develop through play, so it has particular relevance for people who work with special needs or very young children.

What participants are saying about this course:

A great course!

Very interactive and hands on.

It was wonderful.

  • Create, Play, Move and Learn Course

A workshop that shares best practice for working with children. It explores how they learn through creativity and movement and how to support all children to develop their potential. It will cover child developmental stages, an overview of play therapy and an introduction to creative arts therapies as well as sensory integration and brain development. It will also look at how children learn and how to create opportunities for differently abled children.

What past participants have said about the course:

" A well presented day, with hands on insight, parents would benefit from joining in "

" Increased my understanding of how important it is to look at the way children behave, through a different lens. It has opened my eyes to the ideas that there are medical isues behind behavioural patterns that can be rectified through OT".

"Such an inspiring day, delivered by knowledgeable professionals. Great fun and lots of ideas to take away "

A range of creative therapy and play courses are available in Singapore at Social Service Institute.

  1.  Creative Therapy for Working with Persons with Special Needs: Art Therapy
  2.  Activity Therapy for Persons with Special Needs
  3.  Understanding Creative Play and Development for Early Intervention
  4.  Using Reminiscence in Therapy for Seniors
  5.  Using Creative Arts in Therapy – Understanding and Programme Planning for Work with Seniors
  6.  Activity Therapy for working with Seniors
  7.  Using Art and Creativity to Build Social and Emotional Skills

What participants have said about the trainer and these courses;

"You have such an amazing wealth of knowledge, experience and insight; it’s been a privilege to be able to learn from you."

Previous projects include:

  • National Autism Society Malaysia – First creative arts centre for children with Autism
  • Deepti Special School and Rehabilitation Centre, Kerala, India – Creative play consultancy, training and development
  • UWCSEA International School, Singapore – Why play and art are important for our children. A talk for parents.
  • American School, Singapore – Managing and working with challenging behaviour in schools.
  • Ministry of Education counsellors through Executive Counselling and Training Academy,  Singapore – Art as a counselling tool.
  • Whitelodge Pre-School, Singapore – Curriculum consultancy on creativity and human development for pre and primary schools.
  • Association for People with Special Needs (APSN), Singapore -Creative work for pre-teens to develop social and emotional skills in special needs schools training up staff to integrate creative practice into the curriculum.
  • Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) -Creative arts for social skills for pre-teens.
  • Academy of Sinagpore Teachers - Learning through Play

Trainings in India run through the Deepti Centre in Kerala, contact us for more information.

For Courses in the UK contact us to find out more.

Professionals in person consultancy and training