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Creative Arts Therapy


Creative Arts Therapists use art, dance, music, drama and storytelling to help people learn, heal and explore themselves. This can be unsettling, so the therapist takes care to set up a trusting and encouraging relationship, and a safe space where they can work.

How can the Creative Arts Therapies help?

  • By stimulating imagination and creativity
  • By helping people explore things that are difficult to talk about
  • By increasing people’s confidence
  • By providing a safe, playful environment where people can grow, through symbols, dance and drama
  • By building social skills
  • By helping people develop their physical co-ordination

Creative Arts Therapies are particularly good for:

  • People who find it hard to express themselves verbally
  • People with behavioural problems, such as low self-esteem, poor concentration and relationship issues
  • People with stress and anxiety
  • People who self-harm or express their pain physically
  • Children with developmental delays
  • Anyone who wishes to explore their life journey through creative means

Creative Arts Therapists are professionals who have studied psychology and psychotherapy, as well as having an in-depth knowledge of the theory and practice of creativity.

Find out more by clicking  Create YouTube and hearing about how it works.