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Parents in person consultancy and training

CreateCATT offers consultations  and training for parents and parent groups and can design and deliver creative arts and training services. These are tailor-made to suit the needs of your group. They can be one-off talks and workshops, or ongoing consultancies developing creative services, which can include training, creative workshops  and mentoring.

Please contact us if you are interested in engaging CreateCATT to support your parent organisation.  As part of the process we would meet with you and do an assessment of what you need and then work with you to develop the creative programmes and support that suits your organisation.


  • Developmental Play Course

This course in Developmental Play brings a new approach to the field. It has been designed by occupational, play and creative arts therapists with both educational, health and social service backgrounds brings ideas and expertise to the field of play therapy and play based learning and is specifically focused on the stages that children go through to develop through play, so it has particular relevance for people who work with special needs or very young children.

What participants are saying about this course:

A great course!

Very interactive and hands on.

It was wonderful.

  • Drawing Your Way to a Better Relationship With Your Child 

This workshop will give parents and children an opportunity to get to know each other through creative art making. Using art therapy and creative educational approaches, they will not only have fun and get in touch with their creative selves but also explore their relationship though art making.

  • Create, Play, Move and Learn

A workshop that shares best practice for working with children. It explores how children learn through creativity and movement and how to support your children to develop their potential. It will cover child developmental stages, an overview of play therapy and an introduction to creative arts therapies, as well as sensory integration and brain development. It will also look at how children learn and how to create opportunities for differently abled children.

What past participants have said about this course:

" A well presented day, with hands on insight, parents would benefit from joining in "

"Such an inspiring day, delivered by knowledgeable professionals. Great fun and lots of ideas to take away "

Parents in person consultancy and training