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Ten top tips for nurturing creative children
Ten top tips

These ten top tips for nurturing creative children will give you ideas of activities that can help your child to help them develop as creative and confident thinkers. The tips are listed developmentally so that if you start with number one and work through them during your child's early years and beyond you will develop many key skills to help nurture them to be creative in later life. Each tip explains how and why these ideas impact on your child's learning. Enjoy.

If you find these tips helpful do share them with your friends and colleagues.

Foundation skills checklist and play ideas
Foundation stages checklist and play ideas

This handout will help you identify what skills your child has and where they may need a little help to build those foundation skills. Once you have identified the stages where they need more play opportunities there is a list of play ideas for you to try for each stage.  These stages are just a framework and it is important to remember every child is unique and will develop at their own pace but if you have concerns that your child is not developing as you would expect please try and contact a local child specialist to advise and support you further.

Downloadable files:
Play mini poster
Play mini poster

This mini poster outlines  ten ways that play is important for our children and can be displayed in your school, home or clinic to inspire playfulness.

Messy play mini poster
Messy play poster image

This mini poster gives ten ways that messy play helps our children grow and learn and have happy, fun and playful lives This mini poster can be displayed in your home, school or clinic.

Art making mini poster
Art making mini poster image

This mini poster can be displayed in your home, school or clinic and gives ten ways that art making helps our children grow and learn.