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Creative Arts


“ It is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self” – Donald Winnicott

We learn through play and creativity. It is a key way to explore and understand the world. We do this through sensory exploration, smell, touch, hearing, feeling and movement. Making mess with our food as toddlers helps us understand cause and effect. Dancing and jumping helps us understand our bodies in space. An understanding of our bodies and an engagement with physical objects are the foundation skills for later language and academic learning. We also gain a sense of control through play and creativity, which gives us self-esteem and confidence, and helps us develop a sense of identity.

When children play they are working hard trying to make sense of their world” – Doug Goodkin

The right side of our brains is understood to be the more creative. It processes intuition, perception and the metaphors of language. In order to balance the left-sided processes of logic, maths, reading and writing, we need to be creative.

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