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Courses and resources

CreateCATT offers training, resources and assessments that will help your children to reach their social, emotional, cognitive and physical potential. We have books, interactive courses and free resources for you to download and use. We also offer workshops and training courses face to face in Singapore, India and UK.

Courses are tailored to meet individual needs for:  

  • parents
  • parent groups
  • schools of all levels
  • arts and play organisations
  • hospitals
  • charities
  • welfare organisations that work with children.

In person 

Training is currently delivered in person by CreateCATT consultants. It can be designed to your specific requirements.

Staff Training from CreateCATT

Online Training
We offer online interactive trainings that can help your child develop and grow. These courses include:

1) Create,Play,Move and Learn- a course on understanding how children learn through play and movement. Part 2 of this course explains hwo children learn through their senses.

2) Top tips for postitve play.

3) How to run creative groups.

Visit our online courses page to get a taster of what we offer.

If you are unable to identify the correct content for what you want, please contact us for support.