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About CreateCatt

All children need to play and be creative. It makes them happier, confident, better learners and better friends. But some of them need a little help. That’s why CreateCATT is committed to getting children to play creatively and to be the best they can be by supporting the adults who help them. CreateCATT provides creative arts and play-based training, therapy and consultancy services for healthcare and education professionals, voluntary welfare organisations, and parents.

Based in Singapore and UK CreateCATT delivers training in arts therapies, play and occupational therapy as well as supervision for health, education and welfare services, and parent groups. We do this through:

  • Online and in-person/live certified courses for professionals and parents
  • Short talks for schools, healthcare centres, VWOs and parent groups
  • Online assessments for children
  • Therapy for groups and individuals
  • Mentoring and supervision for parents, teachers and clinicians
  • Workshops and consultancy on creativity and human development for schools, VWOs and healthcare centres
  • Developing CREATE schools

Many of these can be tailored to fit the specific needs of groups and organisations.